About Conversation Peace


Words can Hurt or Heal

Discover the power of transformed speech with the revised and updated Conversation Peace Bible study!

Conversation Peace is a six-week learning adventure that will transform your speech from the inside out and equip you to speak wisely, based on truths from God’s Word. The daily lessons (5 per week), to be completed on your own, should take no more than 20 minutes.

We encourage you to do the study with a group of friends, and gather to participate in weekly small-group discussions. A leader guide for seven small group sessions is provided.

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Award-Winning.  Life-Transforming!

Since it was first published in 2001, this award-winning Bible study has helped tens of thousands of women experience the power of transformed speech.

  • Discover seven powerful speech-transforming elements
  • Master the skills of effective communicators
  • Strengthen your vocabulary with Words for the Word
  • Connect with others in a small-group experience
  • Freshen Your Breath with weekly Scripture memory

Spiritual Solutions for your Communication Challenges

At their deepest root, communication problems are spiritual problems. As such, they require spiritual solutions, and for that, we must turn to God.

This study presents seven powerful speech-transforming elements that are based on the Bible. For the final word on how to transform our words, the Bible is our book! It sets a high standard for speech and also for thoughts and attitudes. But even more important, it reveals the secret for how to reach that standard—God’s power. Not some magical formula or phrase. Not the right technique or combination of words.

That’s not to say that practical techniques are of no use. This workbook is chock full of practical advice. But at heart, this study is about God changing our hearts.

Improve Your Relationships

If you’re the type that can’t resist sharing that choice morsel of gossip, throwing that negative barb, or snapping a sarcastic reply–or if you bottle up those impulses inside–this study will help revolutionize your speech habits and improve your relationships one word at a time.

LetGod’s Word change you from the inside out! Be transformed. Get Conversation Peace.

Mind Your Mouth

Think you’re doing quite well with your speech? Answer these Twenty Questions to discover areas in which your words fall short of the golden standard.