Conversation Peace literally saved my marriage! My husband and I had never been good communicators, and over the years the problem just got worse. I didn’t know how to talk to him and express my feelings without being sarcastic or critical . . . or so vague that he didn’t have a clue what I was trying to convey. We were constantly at each other’s throats. It was so bad that I started to avoid him. It was easier to keep busy and stay away from home rather than have to deal with a man whom I perceived as difficult and unreasonable. I was starting to plan a way out of my painful marriage.

A girlfriend challenged me to do the Conversation Peace Bible Study being offered at my church. God used the material to convict me about areas in which I was to blame for my failing marriage. Not only that, I learned new, far more effective ways to communicate.

Things didn’t turn around right away. But over the next few months, as I worked on my heart and my communication skills, God transformed my marriage. We are at a better place with each other now than we have ever been. Whenever I meet someone who’s struggling in her marriage, I tell her: “You need to study Conversation Peace!”


I’ve done a lot of Bible Studies, but never never the same one twice. Except for Conversation Peace. I did it FIVE times! I did it twice in a row back-to-back and then once every few months after that. And I might just do it again.

There’s so much good teaching and practical information packed into each page. Each time through, I learned something new. I guess the Lord had a lot to work on when it came to my speech. My speech has changed. I’ve changed. My relationships have improved. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m like a different person.

The thing I like best about Conversation Peace are the Tongue Tonics. They’re so practical! I read and re-read them and practised the skills over and over. I always wanted to become a better communicator, but until I did this Bible Study, I just didn’t know how. The combination of Scripture lessons and practical skills did it for me.

I definitely recommend Conversation Peace . . . and that you do it more than one time.


I am a women’s Bible Study leader.  I found that there was so much valuable teaching in Conversation Peace that one week was too short to learn and apply everything. So we doubled the amount of time recommended for the study.

We studied the lessons for one week, and then for the next week, we focused on practising and applying the Tongue Tonic skills. The ladies benefitted so much from doing it this way. The combination of theoretical and practical, and taking time to put everything into practise was really effective. I wish you could have heard all the testimonies of what a positive difference this made in their lives.


We used Conversation Peace as a Bible Study for our entire church staff. It definitely helped us with our interpersonal communication skills. We’re communicating with more directness, clarity and charity.