Q?How does the new edition of Conversation Peace differ from the old edition?

Since it was first published in 2001, this award-winning Bible study has helped tens of thousands of women experience the power of transformed speech. After almost a dozen reprints, we decided it was time to give it a makeover and a stylish new look.

In the revised edition, you’ll get all the great study material from the original workbook plus fresh graphics, new introductions to each week’s lessons, and a new summary of each week’s theme and the challenge it presents. There are extra questions to help you ponder what you’ve learned as well as a summary of the key application points to help you remember and practice your new communication skills. In addition, we’ve included space for you to journal and express your thoughts.

The new edition of Conversation Peace is a print-only resource. (It does not have a video.) With the updated material, it is 192 pages in length, whereas the old edition was only 147 pages.


Q?What if I have the old Conversation Peace videos? Can I still use the new study guide?

Yes! The new edition of the workbook can be used with the old videos. However, there are no listening guides included in the new workbooks. You can download and print off copies of the old listening guides and hand them out to your group members. That way, they can follow along with the videos and fill in the blanks as they watch.  DOWNLOAD LISTENING GUIDES HERE

Q?Can I still purchase the old Conversation Peace Leader Kit with the DVDs?

The Conversation Peace DVD Leader Kits are now out of stock and out of print, unless you track down a used one somewhere. (Hint: You can check for a used copy on AMAZON)

If you would like to individually view the videos or purchase them for your small group, you can do so by way of digital download at a cost of $4.99 per session.  PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS HERE  The videos will be phased out and unavailable after 2015.

Be forewarned that on the videos you’ll see Mary wearing outdated 90s fashion, and sporting short hair and fewer wrinkles (the fewer wrinkles part is a bonus).

Audio sessions are available at a cost of $3.99 per session. PURCHASE AUDIO SESSIONS HERE

If you are planning on using the old videos, you can DOWNLOAD LISTENING GUIDES HERE

Q?Is the Conversation Peace Bible Study available in any other language?

The old edition of Conversation Peace will remain available in Spanish. You can PURCHASE THE SPANISH EDITION HERE


Q?My women’s group studied Conversation Peace several years ago. Will we get anything out of studying the new version?

Absolutely. In fact, women who have done the study before stand to benefit even more than those who are new to the material. Familiarity with the concepts will allow repeat participants to take their communication skills to the next level.

I’ve heard from several churches who have done the study numerous times. One lady I know has done it five times and counting!  She reports that her speech and communication keep improving (as do her relationships)!

Q?Is this resource only for small groups? Can I use it for my personal devotions?

Yes, Conversation Peace is suitable to study on your own. Many people have done so. If you’re studying it on your own, I do recommend that you discuss the concepts with your significant other, family or friends. Ask them to provide feedback about your speech habits and listen as you try out new skills. You’ll apply what you’re learning better if you’re able to get a bit of feedback along the way.

Q?How does the B&H book version of Conversation Peace differ from the LifeWay Bible Study?

The Conversation Peace Bible Study was originally published in 2001 by LifeWay Press. In 2004, Broadman and Holman Publishers adapted the material into book format. The main difference between the Bible Study and the book is that the former offers an interactive study-learning experience, whereas the latter is in standard book/reading format.

How do you decide which format is right for you?

If you would like to study the material in a group over a set period of time, or if you want to learn through interactive exercises, then the Bible Study format is the best format. Many people find that the interactive exercises facilitate learning at a deeper level.

But if you simply want to read the material at your own pace and don’t want to do interactive learning exercises, then the book format is the best format for you.


Q?Is this study just for Christians?

This Bible Study is excellent for Christians and non-Christians alike. People without a faith commitment are often interested in learning what the Bible has to say about the topic of communication. This study has been successfully been used in a wide variety of settings such as business/workplace, schools, recovery classes, and even prisons.