Mary’s Greeting


Dear small group leaders . . .

“You are my heroes! I cannot thank you enough for the time and energy you put into your group – the study, preparation, coordination, and most of all, the effort to love and care for each and every participant.

Rest assured that the Lord sees your efforts and is well pleased. When you invest in leading a Bible Study, you are investing in eternity.

Know also, that I am praying for you. I pray that you will have the wisdom, discernment, energy and stamina you need to minister well.

I pray that the ladies in your group will engage with the material, will put effort into doing the lessons, and will work to apply Scripture to their lives. I pray that they’ll be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and that their relationships will grow healthy and strong as a result.

On this page, you’ll find numerous downloads that will help you in your leadership task. I wanted to provide as many extras as I could to help you prepare and lead effectively.

There are downloads to help you with promoting and advertising the Bible study. I’ve included some participant handouts that can enhance the small group experience. Finally, I’ve provided a leader’s guide in printable format to allow you space for planning and making notes. There’s also a guide that will help you incorporate Tongue Tonic review activities into your small group session.

I hope you’ll find the resources helpful.

Love & Prayers,




Promote your Bible Study with posters, postcards, bulletin announcements, and promotional products. Here you can download everything you need.

The postcard is medium sized, and can be printed by your church or through a printing service like Vistaprint. The Conversation Peace logo is a vector graphic png file that can be resized and color customized to your need. Use it for getting the Conversation Peace logo printed on promotional products at a service like Discount Mugs. You could customize mugs, T-shirts, portfolios, tote bags, or pretty much anything you like. (To download, right-click on the logo or thumbnails below, and then click “Save link as”)

ps. I’d love for you to send, tweet, or facebook me a picture of your custom products.



11×17 Poster


8.5×11 Poster


Post Card


Cover Graphic


Bulletin Graphic


Conv Peace Logo



Print off some handouts to enhance the small group experience.  I’ve included a pdf copy of the 20 Questions, and two formats of the Scripture Memory Cards – a color and a simple black & white format. There’s a blank Journal page so participants can take extra notes. And there are some pages that will help participants grasp specific concepts and/or practise specific tongue tonics.


20 Questions


Memory Cards


Memory Cards B&W


Blank Journal Page

Dig Up Dirt


Love to Listen


Exchange It

Tools of the Trade

Pins & Wallpapers


Leader Helps

Every Conversation Peace member book includes a Leader Guide at the back of the book. Below, you can download and print a copy of the Leader Guide, which will provide more space for your notes and comments, and will save you flipping back and forth between the Leader Guide and the daily lessons. 

 I’ve also included a downloadable guide for Tongue Tonic Review Activities. You can use it to review the Tongue Tonics for each week’s study. If you have selected a person to lead this portion of the session, refer her to this download for guidance in leading the review. 


Leader Guide

Tongue Tonic Review

Tongue Tonic Review