Minding Your Mouth is a MUST!

The Bible says “whoever would love life and see good days MUST keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech. He MUST turn from evil and do good; he MUST seek peace and pursue it.” (1 Peter 3:10-11)

In other words, if you want your life and relationships to flourish, you MUST mind your mouth!

Most of us pay little attention to the words tumbling from our lips. We aren’t careful about what we say or how we say it. We’re critical of how others speak, but are scarcely aware of how our words come across to them.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

James 3:2 says that when it comes to our speech “we all stumble in many ways.” A good first step toward transformed speech is to take an inventory of the areas in which your mouth needs help. You can do that by downloading and answering some questions that will evaluate how closely your speech lines up with the golden standard. [Download 20 Questions]


Mind your Mouth on an Ongoing Basis

Did you identify the three main areas in which your speech needs improvement? Once you improve in those first three areas, you may need to attend to three others. Ask yourself the 20 Questions from time to time to monitor how your speech is doing, and to identify areas of your speech that require more work. Remember, if you want to “love life and see good days” you MUST mind your mouth!