Small Groups




20 Questions

These 20 Questions evaluate how well your speech measures up to the golden standard. The questions are included in week 1 of the workbook. Participants can use this handout to have family or friends evaluate their speech, or to re-evaluate it at the conclusion of the Conversation Peace Bible Study.


Dig up Some Dirt

In week 2, The Power of Cause and Effect, participants are challenged to dig up the root attitude and false belief underlying their sub-standard speech. This handout allows them to practise “digging up the dirt.” It asks them to evaluate their speech throughout the week to get to the root of the problem.


Love to Listen

Effective communicators work at LISTEN-ing skills. This handout reinforces the listening Tongue Tonics covered in week 2. Have participants post the handout on their bulletin board, fridge. or other prominent place in their home or office to remind them about what it takes to LISTEN well.


Exchange It

When it comes to our hearts, it isn’t enought to clean out the bad. We need to harness the Power of Exchange (week 3) to intentionally fill up those empty spaces. This is a take-home handout that participants can post in a prominent place to prompt them to sow good seeds in their hearts. It includes the P-48 PRE-PLANT filter so they can put their thoughts and words to the test.


Tools of the Trade

Imagine trying to paint a wall with a hammer or pounding a nail with a can of paint. Effective communicators know which tool to use and when to use it. This handout outlines three tools of the trade from the week 4 Tongue Tonics. Use the handout to assist your small group in discussing and practising using the tools–and as a take-home reminder to use speech tools in the right way.


Scripture Memory Cards

Imagine trying to paint a wall with a hammer or pounding a nail with a can of paint. Effective communicators know which tool to use and when to use it.


Wallpapers & Pins

Here are some images that participants can use as wallpaper on their phones. Encourage them to download the images to help them memorize the weekly Bible verse. You can also share the images with each other and friends on social media: instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, or tumblr.



Blank Journal Pages

Participants can print out extra blank journal pages to take notes and/or to journal about their journey towards Conversation Peace.


Leader Guide

Every Conversation Peace member book includes a Leader Guide at the back of the book. Downloading and printing a copy of the Leader Guide will provide more space for notes and comments, and will save the leader from flipping back and forth between the guide and the lesson.


Tongue Tonic Review Activities

Small group leaders or their designated assistants can use this download to plan and lead review activities of the weekly Tongue Tonics. (This guide is not included in the Conversation Peace member book.) The activities can be modified to fit into the time available.

Download promotional material for your small group study.