Tongue Tonic


[ton•ic] ton´ik, [Gr. tonikos]


a solution that maintains, increases, or restores the health of the system or organ

Conversation Peace includes numerous doses of “Tongue Tonic.” The Tongue Tonics explored in this study contain practical concepts and skills to help increase or restore the health of your speech.

  • Learn about the 3 Parts of a Message, The Communication Loop, 8 Potential Problems in Communication, Active Listening, 5 Listening Barriers, and 6 Skills of Effective Listeners.
  • Discover the Layers of Meaning in a message and understand people’s 4 main Motivating Concerns.
  • Unpack your Presuppositions to avoid misreading and misinterpreting others.
  • Master the art of the non-defensive “Echo & Inquire.”
  • Sharpen your understanding and fend off the urge to jump to conclusions by using a Decoding DART.
  • Be trained in how to Drop those Defenses and offer Definitive Descriptions.
  • Figure out how to non-verbally signal that you are relaxed, comfortable, open, and interested in what others have to say.
  • Learn how to properly use the 3 Tools of the the Trade–the Question, the Statement, and the Forecast, to make your speech function as a tool rather than a weapon.
  • Identify your conflict tendencies by studying the 3 Dogfight Styles.
  • Know how to break a conflict chain.
  • Resolve Conflict with the 7 Steps to R-E-S-O-L-V-E.
  • Use your speech to build your Relationship Bank Balance.
  • And so much more . . .

Sample Tongue Tonics from Week 1

Sample Tongue Tonic Handout

Some Tips for Getting the Most out of the Tongue Tonics